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25, Jan, 2021 / D’s Books still igniting passion for reading LINK
D’s Books, located on St. 240, is Phnom Penh’s longest running independent bookstore. “My life mission is to build a reading culture that helps young Cambodians see the beautiful world outside of themselves,” says owner and manager Vantha Douk, a.k.a. “Mama. I’m a big fan of them and want their community based bookshop would keep on inspiring all the Cambodian and make a great reading culture.😊
24, Jan, 2021 / Art fair to show best works in Kingdom LINK
Penh Art Fair, where my friend Miguel is one of the organizers, is looking for Contemporary Art. The deadline is the end of January. The Ministry of Culture and Arts and the National Museum of Cambodia are also collaborating with the fair, and if your work passes the strict screening process, it will be exhibited at the gallery in Factory and you may be able to work abroad. If you think you have what it takes, why don’t you give it a try?😉
21, Jan 2021 / Asian Garment Makers Fashion United Front to Pressure Western Brands LINK
Manufacturers from the six nations that make most of the world’s clothes have forged a common front to negotiate better terms with Western fashion brands, whose cancelled orders devastated Asian garment workers early in the pandemic. All the people around the world should think twice, what we should wear and from whom we should buy.😤
19, Jan, 2021 / National action plan against gender violence launched LINK
Covid-19 pandemic had negatively impacted society in Cambodia, but women had been disproportionately affected even though Women have an important role in Cambodian society and are the backbone of the national economy and social development. I hope all the people in society would respect every women and treat them equally😌
18, Jan, 2021 / League of Ireland winner Paddy Barrett surviving strict quarantine and loneliness in Cambodia LINK
A story of Irish footballer coming all the way from U.S.. His story sounds quite sad and lonely but there are a lot of footballers who can speak English in Cambodia. I hope he would not close his door and even be open to the people who can’t speak English well enough for him. Whether he can enjoy his time in Cambodia depends on himself I guess.😉
14, Jan, 2021 / Chinese construction in Cambodia’s ‘next tourism hotspot’, Kampot, has residents and NGOs worried LINK
Creating jobs and generating a lot of revenue as a tourist town sounds good but really? It’s just too sad to watch as 🇨🇳 investors who have no sense of delicacy destroy the beautiful harmony of a quiet town just to get 💰 Development for what?🙄
13, Jan, 2021 / Centuries-old trees saved LINK
Phnom Penh municipal governor Khuong Sreng has issued new instructions to preserve three very old trees situated along an avenue median between Ang Duong Hospital and Canadia Tower in the capital’s Daun Penh district. The trees are estimated to be more than 300 years old and had been slated to be removed due to concerns over their health. I hope Phnom Penh would be surrounded by more trees and greens as Phnom Penh municipal governor said😌
12, Jan, 2021 / ‘On a huge scale in Cambodia’: Director talks slave labour in Thai fisheries LINK
A dialogue between Southeast Asia Globe and the director of “Buoyancy” about slave labor in the Thai fishing industry. Not only at sea, but also in the garment factories and brick workshops on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, there are people who are exploited in a way similar to slavery. “I was impressed by the director’s philosophy, “For me, it’s about giving voice to the voiceless.😤
6, Jan, 2021 / ‘Most Innovative Teacher’ pursues maths, programming skills to develop AI tech LINK
As teacher Chanthorn says, “I also wanted to raise awareness and get more people to take part in coming up with new ideas and creative problem-solving. There are so many problems that teachers and even students could help solve like air pollution, access to education for the poor and many social issues,” I hope more people would use their creativity and skill for solving social problems 😌
6, Jan, 2021 / Gov’t scraps deals on Boeung Tamok Lake LINK
The Council of Ministers has decided to annul the prakas which were previously issued to carve out roughly 30ha in total size from an area currently encompassed by Boeung Tamok Lake on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. As Council of Ministers spokesperson Ek Tha said the government only makes decisions that serve public interests. What a great decision 🤗
5, Jan, 2021 / Cambodian Gov’t Says Mu Sochua Free to Come Back, But Won’t Issue Visa LINK
Former CNRP Vice President Mu Sochua is certain to miss her trial on January 14 for incitement and conspiracy charges. She said she was aware of the risks of her returning to Cambodia, but said she had a right to come back. What a brave person 😮
4, Jan, 2021 / China firm to develop Mondulkiri airport LINK
Mondulkiri is designated by the government as the Kingdom’s fourth economic pole, following Phnom Penh and the provinces of Preah Sihanouk and Siem Reap. I hope Mondulkiri would not be like Sihanouk, the economic animal town 🤔
2, Jan, 2021 / Jobless Cambodians are catching rats to feed Vietnamese city dwellers LINK
The number of Rat-Catcher / Rat-Broker is increasing in Cambodia after C-19, and the competition is getting too much, but the demand from Vietnam is decreasing according to The Economist.😮
31, Dec, 2020 / CRF to launch ‘Malys Angkor’ brand of fragrant rice exports LINK
Every year, Cambodian rice is gaining recognition outside of the country, and they plan to launch a new brand in 2021 ‘Malys Angkor’ to further strengthen exports. 😃
31, Dec, 2020 / The Post’s recap of 2020: A tumultuous road of a year LINK
This is a summary of the year 2020 by Phnom Penh Post. To be honest, the only thing I remember about 2020 in Cambodia is Corona and the floods, but looking back, I realize that it was a year of many social events. I hope that 2021 will be covered with positive events.🙏
29, Dec, 2020 / Cambodia’s Hun Sen hails extraction of country’s ‘first drop of oil’ LINK
Cambodia announces first oil production in its territory. Hopefully this will be a “great gift” for Cambodia and a “blessing” for Cambodians, not just for a few, as Prime Minister Hun Sen has said.😌
“This joint initiative by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and UNDP will form one of the key components of Cambodia’s e-commerce acceleration project (Go4eCam)”. I hope this project would provide many benefits, like increasing innovation, business expansion and job creation in Cambodia.😉
24, Dec, 2020 / Saving the cyclo from extinction LINK
I’m so happy to read this article about Cyclo culture in Cambodia and #Christmasforcyclo initiated by great friend Hao in the morning of Christmas. “The cyclo isn’t only part of Cambodia’s transport industry but is also part of the country’s cultural heritage”😍
23, Dec, 2020 / Cambodia Court Jails Rappers for Rhymes Inciting Crimes LINK
A Cambodian court convicted two rappers Kea Sokun, 23, and Long Putheara, who was 17 when arrested last year, and sentenced them to up to a year and a half in prison on charges of incitement over their rhymes about social injustice and loss of sovereign territory. Lyrics in Khmer Land and Sad Race – which have over 2 million and 700,000 views respectively – say Cambodians are starving and the country is losing territory to its neighbors. They just urged people to stand up against oppression and unite to bring the country greatness.😩
16, Dec, 2020 / Capturing the lives of floating villagers LINK
“Between the lake and the stars exhibition” – What a great idea empowering and giving a voice to the vulnerable people on the floating village. I’m so lucky to read this article. He’s definitely a genuine photographer.🤩
15, Dec, 2020 / Cambodian education in the time of Covid: Ripping up the textbook LINK
A word from a founder of Caring for Cambodia makes me cry. “What’s happened this year has been extraordinary for these students, it will shape who they are and how they react to things later in life,” Live strong everybody!😢
9, Dec, 2020 / Differing views on facemask use between expats and locals LINK
This article is terrible at controlling the impressions. Cambodians are taking proper precautions against coronas, while foreigners are reluctant to wear masks? In this day and age, it would be better to just publish the words of the MOH spokesperson. This is an article that causes unnecessary worry and misunderstanding about foreigners. Isn’t it embarrassing as media?😩
3, Dec, 2020 / A Kingdom of sand LINK
An article about the relationship between sand and Cambodia’s rapid economic growth written by @ahaffner1 at @SEA_GLOBE / “Society needs sand, there’s no way around that, but it’s got to be done in a way that won’t hurt everything else.” worth reading😌
1, Dec, 2020 / The Cambodian Garment Worker Imprisoned for Speaking Out LINK
A woman working in a garment factory in Cambodia was imprisoned for posting on FB to advocate for workers’ rights. Brands that buy labor cheap and sell it for a high price will be eliminated, and the system of a country where citizens cannot say what they want to say will fail somewhere. Cambodia is a great country, but this part of it is a waste. 😞
30, Nov, 2020 / Stop the blame game: Appeals for calm after first community transmission LINK
This country is really lame because it is so soft on those who have money. How can you defend the powerful and the rich when they don’t protect what the citizens are protecting and put the citizens’ lives at risk? Poodle media. Total control error. I don’t want more young people to think that they can get away with anything as long as they have money.😤
24, Nov, 2020 / Cambodia’s curbs on media, freedom of expression reach alarming levels LINK
In this day and age, no matter where you are in the world, the truth, good or bad, can spread in the blink of an eye. I strongly hope to see a society where citizens can decide or judge what is right and wrong, instead of those in power decide for themselves.😤
12, Nov, 2020 / Green SEZ set for Svay Rieng town LINK
QiLu, a Chinese industrial park developer and operator, has signed a strategic partnership with the Environmental Protection Industry Association of Cambodia (Epiac) to build Cambodia’s first green industrial zone in Svay Rieng. This is a great move and I hope other large developers and real estate companies will follow.😃
5, Nov, 2020 / The Cambodian communities living under water LINK
During the election in US, the worst flooding in Cambodia for decades. This article by @red_photography at @SEA_GLOBE tells severe situation in Cambodia and it tells the relationship between the flooding and the development. Shame on you greedy idiots😩
20, Oct, 2020 / World-Class Education grows in Cambodia LINK
Even though The Giving Tree is recognized as one of the best community schools in Cambodia, they do not raise the school fees. If you are struggling to choose a school in Phnom Penh, you should keep this in mind.😉
16, Oct, 2020 / Did Cambodia’s Most Famous River Stop Changing Course? LINK
Tonle Sap is in drought despite heavy flooding all over Cambodia. One of the fishermen said “We don’t know what to do when they have closed the dam in the upper part,” “We are people, but we have no rights.” Written by @instupor at @VICE😬
8, Oct, 2020 / Allegations and rubbish piling up as strike goes on LINK
The “agreement” that the authorities announced on paper is not an agreement with the workers or anything else. We have to look at the structure of what is going on, and the same structure applies to the Angkor Chey Building. I would like to see a society where it is normal for the authorities to do their best until the problems in front of the workers and citizens are resolved to their satisfaction.😔
8, Oct, 2020 / The Conscience of Clothing LINK
Dorsu is a brand that develops ethical and versatile basic items, designed and manufactured in-house using leftover fabric in Kampot, Cambodia, .
The trailer for the documentary “MODE. MACHT. MENSCHEN” featuring Founder and friend Hanna is now available. 🥳
8, Oct, 2020 / アンコールワットのにぎわいの陰で… 自由を奪われた国・カンボジアの真実 LINK
Cambodia is a country where many human, nature, and land rights activists are arrested and imprisoned every year, every month, and every week, while the economy seems to be developing and the lives of the citizens seem to be getting richer. What about political and social prosperity? This is an article full of righteousness based on Mr. Takahashi’s coverage of Cambodia for over 10 years.🤠
7, Oct, 2020 / Cintri workers end strike, but Phnom Penh’s waste future uncertain LINK
Cintri, the only private garbage collection company in Phnom Penh, has been the monopoly garbage collector in the capital since 2002, when it signed a 47-year monopoly contract, but it has been criticized by residents and government officials for its inability to effectively manage the ever-increasing amount of garbage. Finally, the Cambodian flag government has announced that it will put the waste disposal rights out to tender. Bidding is scheduled for October 16.😮
6, Oct, 2020 / Irving Penh: Portraits of Phnom Penh’s riverside sellers LINK
Oh, wow, finally, Raphael and Greg are featured on @SEA_GLOBE I love their creativity and perspective. Especially shedding lights on the Everyday people at Riverside is a great opportunity for them. Lovely work.😍
30, Sep, 2020 / Armed with a radio, Cambodian girl climbs tree to access education LINK
I visited Kratie the other day. The inhabitants of the village, located on an island in the Mekong River, were very friendly and quiet. In this day and age, there is no end to what you can see above or below. An elementary school student climbs a tree to get a better radio signal. Written by @aideetaction at @SEA_GLOBE🙂
28, Sep, 2020 / Pooling resources: Fostering solidarity among Mekong communities LINK
What is the motivation for prioritizing money from investment and business over the rights and livelihoods of those who have lived peacefully in the Mekong River basin for centuries? The natural environment and people’s lives, once lost, will never return.😩
24, Sep, 2020 / In Cambodia, People Are Scaring Away COVID With Scarecrows LINK
About Cambodian Scarecrows by my friend Greg at @VICE😄
23, Sep, 2020 / As Cambodia cracks down, youth must increase their social media activism LINK
While Japan struggling with many problems, gradually sees a variety of activists emerge, the majority is still indifferent to politics & social change like Cambodia. I’m interested in how to change the apathetic. Anyway, bold piece by @KimkongH / @SEA_GLOBE😉
3, Sep, 2020 / Fear for collapse of central PP building LINK
An article about the Angkor Chey Building on the corner of Monivong and Kampuchea Krom, about the residents’ concerns and the authorities’ response. I strongly believe that the authorities should renew the building as a representative building of Phnom Penh through bidding, Crowd Funding, or Hok Kang’s appointment, instead of just building more useless buildings for money.😩
2, Sep, 2020 / Playing with pride: Meet Cambodia’s oldest LGBT women’s football team LINK
A story of Kampong Chhnang Women’s U-21s ⚽ club, the 1st dedicated to girls of all sexual orientations, to win not just trophies but to change perceptions in Cambodia. by @ADemetriadi / @SEA_GLOBE As a ⚽ club, as a person, I learned a lot from them.😉
27, Aug, 2020 / Japan Seeks to Offset Chinese Influence in Cambodia LINK
An insight by The Diplomat on the recent visit of Foreign Minister Motegi to Cambodia. Ostensibly, Japan is strengthening its position as a counterweight to China’s growing influence in Cambodia and the region as a whole. However, the most skillful player is probably Cambodia, which is able to gain Japan’s support while flexibly using China’s measure to win Cambodia over to their side and pressure from Europe and the US.🤔
25, Aug, 2020 / Japanese couple become Cape Verde envoys LINK
This story about the Japanese couple by Phnom Penh Post tells me “Do the best you can, even in difficult situations.”😉
14, Aug, 2020 / Unbroken Courage LINK
“Unbroken Courage” by @pulitzercenter The story of Voan Savay, a former prima ballerina with the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. The story is about the cultural value of Khmer ballet, which has been passed down since the 7th century A.D. and its power to overcome historical trauma.😮
3, Aug, 2020 / Vann Molyvann’s house is up for sale – but should it be a heritage site? LINK
Vann Molyvann, the architect who shaped the Cambodian landscape in the Post Colonial era, is a symbol of the Cambodian culture of the 50s and 60s, a time of innovation and hope. His former residence is now up for sale. Rather than losing a piece of history to a real estate developer, I would like to see it become a museum and share its value with people around the world.😬
29, July, 2020 / The vital role of youth in promoting Cambodia’s culture and image abroad LINK
“Youth should play an important role in Cambodia’s cultural diplomacy”. The article says that Cambodian youth should have a deep understanding of the history and culture of their country and its neighbors, and should disseminate content and a positive image of the country to the world through various media. Exactly. They have a lot of culture to be proud of and they should be proud of it.😉
28, July, 2020 / ASEAN loses a third of mangroves in last 40 years LINK
According to the ASEAN Biodiversity Center, between ’80 and ’20, ASEAN lost about 33% of its mangrove forests, a decrease of more than 63,000㎢. But! In Kampot, Cambodia, reforestation activities have been ongoing since 1995, and nearly 400,000 mangrove trees were planted between 2008 and 2008. It’s not all doom and gloom, Cambodia!🤩
27, July, 2020 / One million Cambodians under threat from development of vital wetlands – report LINK
The wetlands south of Phnom Penh are being destroyed despite warnings that they will flood over a million residents, destroy the urban drainage system, force hundreds of families out of their homes, and cause environmental damage. Why do you think housing development is more important than nature, which, once broken, cannot be restored? 🤔
20, July, 2020 / Coffee business finds a new way to survive LINK
Cambodia’s coffee industry is becoming increasingly competitive. A quick interview with each company by Khmer Times. It’s not easy to simply bring something from overseas or copy the competition, and every brand seems to be getting more creative. But the one I like the most is the coffee shop on the side of the road.😉
17, July, 2020 / The World According to Cambodia’s CPP LINK
A good article that points out the failures of Western policymakers through how the worldview of Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been in power for over 35 years in Cambodia, was formed. This article by @sstrangio is more than worth reading especially for people living in Cambodia. 🙂
16, July, 2020 / Chinese Intentions Towards the Mekong River and Mainland South-East Asia LINK
In Southeast Asia, there is the 4200km-long Mekong River, which runs through Nepal, China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. FDI Australia reports that China is attempting to gain hegemony over the countries of the lower Mekong through infrastructure diplomacy. Rivers and water have had a great impact on human history since the time of ancient Mesopotamia, where the gods played.😧
16, July, 2020 / Japan to assist Cambodia in developing vegetable production chains LINK
Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and Japan’s Yamato Green signed an MoU to strengthen the friendly and cooperative relationship between Cambodia and Japan through agricultural development, strengthen and expand investment and development cooperation in vegetables from cultivation/processing/packaging to export to domestic and international markets, promote quality/safety and sustainability of vegetable supply, and build capacity of producers. Good news after a long time.😉
10, July, 2020 / ‘A true man of the people’: Revisiting the murder of Dr. Kem Ley LINK
I was so shocked to hear this news 4 years ago, when I arrived at Cambodia for the 1st time in my life. I joined to the funeral procession. There were tons of people walking together. That was the proof of his life. And he told what matters through his death.😞
2, July, 2020 / A Cambodian community’s struggle to survive virus economic fallout LINK
I would like to talk about the lives of the people of the Posenchay district in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. There are people who walk with their own feet, see with their own eyes, and think about what they can do for the people who live in this area while engaging in solid dialogue and action. I would like you to read about them. Before you start shouting about human rights and eradicating poverty.🙃
28, June, 2020 / Kingdom revs up pedal power LINK
We are seeing more and more bikes on the streets of Cambodia. It’s still a small number, but it seems to be steadily becoming one of Cambodia’s new and young industries. I hope there will be a Cambodian bicycle that will shake up the world!😉
16, June, 2020 / Jailed for a Facebook post: garment workers’ rights at risk during Covid-19 LINK
A brand that talks about transparency and workers’ rights, but nothing changes. Employers who sue workers who speak up. What is the purpose of a country or society that arrests workers who speak up for what is right?🤔
14, June, 2020 / Sweden urges focus on democracy LINK
“We will continue to support civil society, human rights defenders and democracy advocates in Cambodia. Sweden will stand up for democratic principles and speak out when they are undermined,” said Eriksson, Minister for International Development Cooperation. When something we hold dear is being undermined, we speak up, no matter who it is. That’s the best way to put it.🤩
The issue of child labor in Cambodian brick kilns and the structural problems around it (debt via microfinance/workers’ wage structure/shifting agricultural production, etc.). I didn’t even know that child labor was still going on in Cambodia until I read this article. I need to take a closer look.🤔
20, May, 2020 / Upcycling: Growing sustainability and diversity in Cambodia’s garment sector LINK
In Cambodia, the garment industry accounts for about 16% of the annual GDP and over 80% of exports. Cambodia has a huge waste problem due to its reliance on fast fashion with short term, high volume, low value production, but some circular economy initiatives are emerging. SEA GLOBE’s multifaceted look at an industry that is being hit hard by Corona and EBA. 🤔
16, May, 2020 / Cambodian art renaissance LINK
Phnom Penh was known as “the Pearl of Asia” until the 1960s. It produced groundbreaking art, music and film, but lost this reputation due to the Khmer Rouge and 90% of the artists died. However, the Cambodian art scene and KBach Arts are now experiencing a renaissance. 😉
21, Apr, 2020 / Silk could be a slick way forward post-COVID-19 LINK
The Cambodian Silk Project, promoted by my great friend Mr. Kalyan (President of RUPP), aims to revitalize the Cambodian local economy and create a sustainable income generation system for farmers, while keeping in mind the “New Normal” that will come after Corona by producing high quality Cambodian silk. The aim of the project is to revive the lost traditional culture of Cambodia.😍
20, Apr, 2020 / Rhona Smith’s misleading views on Emergency Law LINK
If you look at it from the east, it looks like this, and if you look at it from the west, it looks different. Even the same thing looks different depending on where you look at it. I’m not interested in what’s right, but I want to have as many different perspectives as possible like a perspectives including from the west, east, south, and north.😉
18, Apr, 2020 / Cambodia’s emergency powers: Combating Covid-19 or human rights? LINK
If you look at it from the west, it looks like this, and if you look at it from the esst, it looks different. Even the same thing looks different depending on where you look at it. I’m not interested in what’s right, but I want to have as many different perspectives as possible like a perspectives including from the west, east, south, and north.😉
14, Apr, 2020 / World Bank: Real-estate boom could backfire on economy LINK
No one didn’t answer to my question “Chinese construction project is progressing like a bamboo shoot after rain in Cambodia, but almost no one (seems to) lives in the completed ones. The question is How do they make money with building without demand? I don’t know real estate. Is anyone able to answer briefly?”, but the things what I was wondering starts to be clear. “a flurry of condo projects, both old and new, have now been having difficulties finding buyers” this is exactly what I was questioning, right?🤔
Although various organizations and individuals have been working on COVID19 in Cambodia, this Impact HUB initiative is probably the most comprehensive and diversified solution that transcends the boundaries of titles and organizations. Great Initiative #HacKHtheCrisis🙂
2, Mar, 2020 / 「第2のマカオ」から中国人が消えた 中国資本が握るカジノの街に起きた異変 LINK
Locust damage. It is the same as the so-called locust outbreak. They devour real estate, food and beverage, transportation, and every other industry, leaving nothing behind. The emerging countries of Southeast Asia and Africa, which have not been provided with the pesticide called education and morality, may not be able to prevent such a massive outbreak of locusts.😑
10, Feb, 2020 / The day of judgment LINK
Great article on EBA with EU – Cambodia relationship. This is most comprehensive. What is the best way for every stakeholders? and I don’t want to see the impact like “will it end up being the average Cambodian who suffers the EU’s wrath?”🙃
As part of Grab’s “Grab for Good” social impact program, a new initiative called “Break The Silence” has been launched to promote economic independence for people who have been unable to find work due to hearing impairment. Like Anti-Human Trafficking, Grab’s initiative is in good taste.😎
Pi Pay, the leader in FinTech in Cambodia, and Smart, the leader in DX. The goal is to integrate users and customers of both companies into a single platform to further enhance convenience. Congratulations!🙂
30, Dec, 2019 / Cambodia-Japan joint venture boost LINK
One of my great friend, Mey Kalyan initiate the great project called CJBI, Cambodia-Japan Association for Busienss and Investment. He said this is his Ikigai😉
13, June, 2019 / Thrifty shades of grey LINK
Why are there so many luxury cars on the roadside in Cambodia? This article is old, but it hasn’t faded at all. This is a very difficult subject in this country, so I would like to pay a generous tribute to the reporter who pursues the truth by name.😊
14, Aug, 2018 / Building a brighter Cambodia LINK
This is the story of HKA and UrbanLand founder Hok Kang, who has been called Cambodia’s best architect, and whose designs include the BROWN, Embassy Central, and other buildings that everyone knows.😉
18, Oct, 2017 / Shaking up Cambodian office culture LINK
The story of Ms. Zoë Ng, co-founder of Raintree, who is trying to create a new wave of office culture in Cambodia, likewise, Mr. Hok Kang, who is behind the design of BROWN. These people in their 20s and 30s, who have gained strength overseas, are definitely creating a modern culture of the Cambodian flag, including not only business, but also music, art, and food.🤗

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