Witnessing the Birth of the Coronavirus Economy

LINK πŸ‘‰ The New York Times / 19, Mar, 2020

“New York was still making money a week ago. A few people wearing masks, some closings, but generally business as usual. And then we tumbled down a cliff. By Friday, commuters arriving at Grand Central Terminal paused as they entered the main concourse β€” stunned by its emptiness, the usual din quieted by stay-at-home orders from companies and the government. For the first time, the vast, star-covered ceiling seemed appropriate.

Earlier this month, I started to travel the city to document the onset of one type of economic activity β€” the anxious purchase of emergency supplies β€” and the collapse of many, many others.”

A fast-food restaurant last Thursday in downtown Manhattan was nearly empty.
Photographs and Text by Ashley Gilbertson

“Born Free – Mandela’s Generation of Hope.”

LINK πŸ‘‰ viiphoto.com / 7, Feb, 2020

“The year 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the democracy of South Africa. In 1994, Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president and his nation a free country. The segregation system of apartheid ended, but the aftermath of the system still endures 25 years later.

Mandela had high hopes for the youth. The children born in the years right after apartheid ended are now young adults: the born-free generation for whom racial segregation is a thing of the past. They were to be the face of a new, free, and successful South Africa.”