Jingi Japan Newsed & Outlet Center

Shooting for Jingi Japan Newsed & Outlet Center / Vol.1

They opened in 2021 but they closed temporarily for renewal, and on the day of shooting, they were putting new tags on the hangers for re-opening.

I was curious from the beginning, because their name is so unique. Jingi means humanity and justice in English and written as 仁義 in Japanese.

So what is their Jingi about? I was wondering.

I went to check the shooting point and the position of the sun outside before the day of group photo shooting and talked with the 7 leaders managing the many other members. 4 leaders are suffering from the after effects of polio, and 3 leaders are born and raised in a garbage mountain. Some of them have difficulty walking and need some equipment, but they were incredibly bright characters and working hard. And I felt their characters make them leaders. And Jingi grows those leaders. I greatly respected the idea of preparing an environment where both able-bodied and physically challenged people can work together and nurture them as managers, regardless of their disabilities or origins.

By importing clothes that are no longer worn in Japan and selling them at low prices, a large amount of clothing can be saved from being discarded. Also, for every item of used clothing sold, they donate one polio vaccine for saving the lives of children around the world from the threat of polio, which has not been eradicated yet. It was deeply moving to see how used clothing from Japan is creating jobs and vaccine donations in Cambodia.

By enjoying your unique, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing, you are donating to the polio vaccine, and there are lives to be saved. All the clothes are just $5 and the bag, shoes and all accessories are $7. How about going there and trying to find something unique for you?