Magic, culture and stalactites: how Aboriginal perspectives are transforming archaeological histories

LINK ðŸ‘‰ The Conversation / 6, Jan, 2021

“New collaborative work at an Aboriginal cave in eastern Victoria, published today, shows the stark difference between contemporary archaeological research and that conducted in the 1970s.”

The outside of Cloggs Cave (vertical fissure in the middle of the cliff) pictured circa 1890-1900. Photo courtesy of the State Library of Victoria. Photographer unknown.

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This is a story about a cave in eastern Victoria, Australia, which was already surveyed in the 1970s, and how a new researcher from the Gunai Kurnai tribe was brought in to investigate it, resulting in a completely different discovery. Inclusive and decolonial perspectives will become more and more important not only in politics and economics, but also in research and academia.