Why Did 74 Million Americans Vote for Trump? This Sociologist Has the Answer


“Arlie Hochschild spent five years interviewing tea party members in Louisiana prior to Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, and is now hanging out with non-college-educated white guys in Appalachia. Democrats should listen to what she has to say”

Arlie Hochschild. Believes that in order to understand anyone’s politics, we need to understand their “deep story” – how they perceive themselves and their situation. Credit: Paige K. Parsons

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Carefully listening to people’s stories, understanding them from an emotional standpoint, and approaching the deep stories of individuals. Her approach may provide clues to overcoming the various “empathy barriers” that divide not only U.S. but the World.

#Lobsterr で佐々木さんが紹介していた「壁の向こうの住人たち」著者の社会学者ホックシールドさん。丁寧に人々の話を聴き感情面から相手を理解し個人が持つディープストーリーに迫る。アメリカだけでなく世界を分断する様々な「共感の壁」を克服する手がかりになりそうなアプローチ。