Growth trap

What’s the point of “You can reach a wider audience and find new customers by promoting”? It annoys me every time.


Kids picking up something precious in the river of garbage, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2017

It directly means without paying I can’t show my photos to wider audience on Instagram or Facebook. And it means they control the audience to whom I show my photos. Wait. Photos are mine, but why can’t I show my photos to all of my followers? From business points of view, it is fucking correct. But from the points of individual person who loves and uses Instagram since 5, Nov, 2010, I have to say they are completely changed from what they used to be and I am so sad. Fuck it. They had a core value and great slogan “Community First”. I still have a mug with it written on. 


Kandal Market from above, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2017

Now I feel Instagram is just a money making machine for a crappy short videos, not a platform for the people who love photography. And that is happening since Facebook bought them. I read some articles about Meta testing subscription service for small group of people on Instagram. And all of these things were intended since then. They are doing great on business. 


A banana man, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2018

But for the people like me, their strategy is completely wrong. I will never pay any cent to those money making machines. And I will never pay any pence to the weird agents from Russia or India trying to convince me at every opportunity to pay money for them to get growth in the platform. They are trying to trap us in a growth trap, making us pay to buy attention and perceive the number of likes and followers as some kind of status.


Lights and shadows inside Central Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2016

All the photos are creative. And I respect all styles of creativity. Portrait, City Scapes, B/W, Animal, Nature, Landscapes, all the perspectives should be respected. If they set the pay wall? I don’t give a shit. Growth in the crappy platform? Bullshit. But creativity matters. How can we stand to have a system or algorithm control what we create and who we show it to? That’s ridiculous. That’s fucking up to us! Creativity is free, and it cannot be controlled.


Lights through the gap, Crab Market, Kep, Cambodia, 2018

I learned a lot through the real voice and interactions from real friends since I shared my feeling yesterday. I have to focus on what I want to express and tell through my photography and I will. I have to care the people who really like and care my perspective and I will. I don’t fucking give a shit on the numbers or I don’t serve for the machines. I’ll just chase what I want to express. I’ll keep on capturing humanity on the street in my way. That’s it. People would find me or may not, but it doesn’t fucking mean anything to me. Who cares. I care my perspectives, and only hope it would contribute to the other people’s perspective. 


A boy playing on the railroad track, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2017

Thank you all of my great friends and strangers for giving me your kind words, sharing your thoughts, and inspiring my philosophy. All of the conversations were precious for me. I am so honored to meet you and know you through photography.


A boy at a skate park, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2018

To all the creative people,
Love and Respect🤘🏻🔥


Independence Day, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2017

Would you rather have a fish or know how to fish?

LINK 👉 AEON / 26, Feb, 2020

“Imagine the following. You are living a life with enough money and health and time so as to allow an hour or two of careless relaxation, sitting on the sofa at the end of the day in front of a large television, half-heartedly watching a documentary about solar energy with a glass of wine and scrolling through your phone. You happen to hear a fact about climate change, something to do with recent emission figures. Now, on that same night, a friend who is struggling to meet her financial commitments has just arrived at her second job and misses out on the documentary (and the relaxation). Later in the week, when the two of you meet for a drink and your friend is ignorant of recent emission figures, what kind of intellectual or moral superiority is really justified on your part?”