LINK 👉 Nieman Lab

At least half of the new newsrooms will be “based in communities that are unserved or underserved, run by founders who have historically been shut out.”

Thoughts 💭 /

Just as Bookshop is for local indie bookstores and The Green Hub is for ethical small businesses, The Tiny News Collective is for local indie media. It’s a trend that’s happening in all genres, and as a lover of Giant Killing, I welcome it!

地元のIndies書店向けにBookshopが、EthicalなSmall Business向けにThe Green Hubがあるように地元のIndies Media向けにThe Tiny News Collectiveが誕生。よりLocalでよりCollective。あらゆるジャンルで起こっている動き。Giant Killing好きな僕としては大歓迎な流れです

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