“PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Presented with a movie, meal, medicines and a $20 cash handout, Cambodia’s cyclo taxi drivers received a rare treat at the weekend, and a brief distraction from hard times as the coronavirus takes a toll on tourism.”

By Cindy Liu

Thoughts / 💭

My friend Hao organized a wonderful event called “Cyclo Pedal in Movie”, which welcomed Cyclo drivers whose earnings were drastically reduced due to C-19. The words of the driver and Hao touched my heart. I am proud of my friends who are able to help others in times of hardship. And this beautiful article was written by another friend Cindy. I am so glad to see these young friends at the same time😊

友人のHaoが実施したCyclo Pedal in Movieという素晴らしいEVENT。C-19で稼ぎが激減したCyclo Driverたちを迎え上映されたのは「Fathers」という家族を支えるCyclo Driverの日々を描いた作品。DriverとHaoの言葉が胸に響く。苦しい時に他人のために尽くせる友人を誇りに思う。そしてこのREUTERSの美しい記事自体ももう一人の友人Cindyによって書かれたもの。若き友人たちがこうして一緒に活動しているのを見るのはなんとも気持ちの良いものです。

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