This is a project with a single question and portraits of the people. The subject is the people I met with somewhere in the the world regardless of the country, gender, age, religion, occupation, job title, and background.

The purpose of this project is —
To collect the Everyday people’s life stories which can’t be found in the internet.
To showcase those stories and inspire the other life in the world.   

You can not find any answer to the question ‘What is your life purpose?’ , no matter how much you search on Google, no matter how much you connected on Facebook, because the answer exists only inside of you. Originally the Internet was supposed to connect the world to create a wider world, but the real world seems going opposite.

In such kind of era, I would like to “start a journey to meet the stranger“ along with this unanswered question.

I am glad if you could find new “ikigai” through this journal along with the fact that there are so various people’s lives in the world and I hope you would feel a real world even just a little.

Kosal Kiev

”They kept me in the hole for one and a half years. I almost went crazy. You come to talk to yourself, and you’re forced to confront yourself, all parts of yourself. It made me say – is this it? Is this all your life is going to amount to? Are you going to die in prison?”

Davy Thor

“I know many women in Cambodia face that kind of traditional thinking. But I would like to tell all the women that if you want to do something, please keep on trying and don’t give up your life.”

Yoshiaki Ishizawa

”I just want to help Cambodians restore, revive their culture and be proud of it by themselves. I am just coming here and learning a lot from them”

Olivia Hough

”I used to feel a bit of shame that I didn’t have one ‘thing’. Some people have one career trajectory or pathway they are passionate about and working towards in their lives, and I don’t feel I’ve ever known what that is for me.”


”I’ve been picking up cans and bringing it to recycling place for 5 years. This is my favorite job, but honestly speaking, there was no choice except this. Before, I had been working with my husband but now my husband has passed away because of car accident.”


“I’ve been selling general goods here, beverages, beer, snacks, noodles, etc. for a year. My husband is working for a company and I started this shop to earn more money for my kids to go to school. I have 2 kids, one is 14 years old daughter, and the other is 13 years old daughter.”

Taiichiro Saito

”I am doing football. In other words, I am spreading and expanding the greatness or positiveness of football as much as possible. That’s my job and what I am thinking everyday.”

Rin Vay

”I’ve been working here for 2 years. This is my motorcycle repairing shop.
When I was young, I was learning how to repair motorcycle from my uncle near Phnom Penh International Airport.”


”I went to high school and studied English with NGO training school. And I joined that NGO as an English teacher, worked for 3 years with them but I quit because the salary was so little for sustaining my family.”


“I’m selling pineapples here. These pineapples are transported from Battambang. I’ve been selling for almost one year. Some customers are coming to buy pineapples from me so I’m selling pineapples here.”


”Before working in this Pagoda, I was working in the Ministry of Religions and Cults. And I am a member of leaders in this pagoda. In this Pagoda, there are 182 monks. I’ve been staying here for 7 years.”


”I’m a performing artist, and story teller.
Currently I’m in Lahore, Pakistan.”

Margot Dodds

”I am a camp host for a private campground for groups, on a small lake in the mountains 30 miles from my home (which itself is in a town of 2,500 people and is 100 miles from the next larger town).”

Florian Baudrit

“Came the first time in Cambodia in 2014 to open a resort in Kep (Samanea Resort) as General Manager for a Belgian guy. After one year, in 2015 I decided to leave and get the opportunity to go to work in the Bahamas in a luxury hotel as Assistant Manager Director.”

Hiroyuki Yamashita

”I participate in a hospital management project as a non-medical person for Japan Heart Cambodia, a medical NGO, in the suburbs of Phnom Penh in order to deliver medical care to places where medical care does not reach.”

Yuta Nagano

”I am running Digicro, lending a small amount of retail funds $ 50-1000 to the Unbank class in Cambodia (non-bank users) through its app Spean Loan. By utilizing big data obtained from customers’ smartphones using machine learning, loans can be provided within 3 minutes after downloading the application.”

Laura Baker

”I spend my days running a startup called The Sound Initiative. This is an 18 month old, vocational training programme supporting the next generation of musical talent.”

Fritz Hutmacher

“In Switzerland, we have to serve in the military service or in the community service. I chose to serve in the community service and came to Cambodia 7 months ago.”

Naoto Kashimura

”I grew up in this small island nation, As a matter of course going on to high school, I go on to university like normal, I got a job at a Japanese company like a matter of course. There was always no particular purpose or passion. I thought that was a natural rail.”

Mayu Hiramatsu

”From when I was young, I tried to be a “good one”.  I was a good girl in front of my family, friends, teacher, boy-friends… I entered a good high-school and university, and entered a stable company.”


“Before TukTuk, I’d been driving Motodop for 8 years. Before Motodop, I was working as a farmer at BattamBang province with my uncle, and aunt after graduatingschool.”

A guy in Takeo

“My parents passed away when I was young. My cousins and people living next to our house have been helping us everyday since then. “

Sut Sopheak

“I was working everyday, because casino was opening 24/7. There was only 1 day off and $80 per 1 month. At the very beginning, I worked as just one of a lot of staffs, and cleaned tons of bottles there. “

Volreak Leng

”After graduating the high school, I worked as a policeman, from 1993 till 1999 because I lived with my uncle and he was a policeman. He invited me working with him. But the salary itself was only $7 per month.”

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