COVID-19 changed human life as we know it and decimated funds to care for rescued wildlife. When the pandemic stopped international travel, it wiped out $200,000/year in income from their Behind the Scenes tours of the Centre. Meanwhile, numbers of animals in need have risen due to successful large busts and a recent illegal zoo closure. They rehabilitate and release whenever possible, but wild animals tamed or maimed prior to rescue, will require lifetime care. Your support is critical.

Can you #StandByWildlife with them this giving season? Their goal is to raise $150,000 for Wildlife Rescue and Care by January 31, 2021. With your help, they can continue to care for Cambodia’s rescued wildlife and save even more lives.

Works : Campaign Title / Tagline Creation / Portrait shooting
#StandByWildlife / Covid-19 changed our lives, what about hers?

Year : Nov, 2020

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