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“There’s such a fun food scene in the city that we all just miss, and this is our ability to replicate that as much as possible until it’s safe to go back out again.”

Thoughts 💭 /

The Boston Cocktail Club, launched by, is an initiative to help locals feel connected to their community by targeting bars and restaurants that suffer from C19. It is similar to Bookshop and The Green Hub in that it is the local media with the scale, expertise and community that can get everyone involved.

Boston.comが始めたBoston Cocktail Club。C19で苦しむBarやRestaurantを対象とし地元の人々がCommunityとの繋がりを感じられる取り組み。規模、専門知識、Communityを持つ地元メディアだからこそ皆を巻き込めるという点はBookshopやThe Green Hubに共通する。

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