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“While many of the industry’s worst excesses have been cleaned up in recent years, bondage labour persists aboard Southeast Asia’s fishing vessels. Following the reemergence of his film Buoyancy, director Rodd Rathjen talks about the conditions he witnessed in Thailand’s infamous fisheries”

A still from film Buoyancy. Photo: Supplied

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A conversation between @SEA_GLOBE and the director of “Buoyancy” on Slave Labor in Thailand’s Fishing Industry. Not only at sea, but also in the sewing factories and brick workshops on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, there are people who are exploited in a way similar to slavery. I was impressed by the director’s philosophy, “For me, it’s about giving voice to the voiceless.”

タイの漁業における奴隷労働について @SEA_GLOBE と 「Buoyancy」監督との対話。海上だけでなくPhnom Penhの町はずれに佇む縫製工場や煉瓦工房でも奴隷に近い形で搾取される人々がいる。“For me, it’s about giving voice to the voiceless.”という監督の哲学に感銘を受ける。

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