ART4FOOD is a creative campaign created by a group of diverse photographers in Cambodia seeking to create the first online social art gallery, where all proceeds raised from the artwork go toward Local4Local.

Local4Local is a youth-run food-drive that sustains cyclo drivers and supports the underprivileged people on the streets of Phnom Penh. Local4Local supports a 3-way sustainable ecosystem where meals are prepared and cooked by street vendors, delivered by cyclo drivers, and received by those in need on the streets in different areas of the city.

We, the photographers, have been living here and taking thousands of photos of people’s everyday life for years. The people of Cambodia have taught us how everyday life in Cambodia is beautiful. They have accepted us as their friends. We’ve grown in empathy, respect, and love through photographing this country. We can’t thank them enough for their kindness. So, we have decided to give it back to them through photography.

Please visit the website from here.

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