Hi. My name is Shunsuke Miyatake. Everybody calls me “Take”.

Finally my first time in my life solo exhibition announcement starts.
This exhibition would start from 16, Feb, 2021 and run for a month.
Please check out the details from here.

It’s been almost 5 years since I came to Cambodia on business from Japan. I have been to many places in Cambodia and have taken a lot of pictures.

I’ve seen people whose lives are completely different from mine, like people forced to live on the streets, people forced to leave their houses that they had lived in for many years, children playing in garbage dumps. At the same time, I’ve also interacted with people living more comfortably in condos with pools and people partying at the bar every week.

Homeless people on the streets, students studying in rural areas, CEOs of startups with dreams of making impact on society. Artists who are passionate about inspiring others, football players trying their best to win the league. Tobacco shop owners who are always recommending new cigarettes. Businessmen from all over the world.

As I met people from all walks of life, one big question was growing in my mind.

What really enriches our lives?

It is true that the Internet has made the world more accessible and the development of technology has enriched human life. On the other hand, no matter how much new technology is developed, it is a fact that some people have more choices in life than others, depending on their environment and where they were born.

That’s why I decided to start an experimental project.


This is my project using a single question and a portrait. The subjects are people I have met somewhere in Cambodia, regardless of country, gender, age, religion, profession, job or background.

The purpose of this project is –

To collect the stories of everyday people that cannot be found on the Internet.
To showcase those stories and inspire other lives in the world. 

What is your purpose of life? / What really enriches your life?

No matter how many Google searches you do or how many Facebook connections you make, you won’t find the answer to this question. Because the answers only exist within you.

In an era where the coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than a million people around the world, where there is a division of thought, speech, and economy in various countries and regions, where there are calls for a review of excessive capitalism, where the future of the world is extremely uncertain, and where everyone is living with anxiety, I would like to make an exhibition of encounters with strangers along with these unanswered questions.

I would be happy if, through this exhibition, people would find “IKIGAI”, a purpose of life.

Along with the fact that there is a diversity of people’s lives in the world, I hope that people will feel the real world for a moment.

“PORTRAITS OF IKIGAI” would start from 16, FEB, 2021 at META HOUSE.
Please come and join. 😉🙏

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